Coffee filters for a wedding wall artwork!


Coffee filters for a wedding wall artwork!

Believe it or not! You can use coffee filters as a great eco-friendly way to decorate a wall for your wedding. Consider this fun project and create one for your wedding welcome table. It can be a monogram of the bride and groom’s initials! Try this out!


Tips to Know Your Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings


We all know that the economy has only begun showing signs of improvement, but in our pockets we know that it’s not getting that better yet! So, if you are getting married and wondering about alternatives to diamond engagement rings. There are choices available! Thank God! You can opt for cubic zirconia, moissanite, or even colored stones like ruby, sapphire, or emerald. I personally love emeralds because it’s my birthstone! If you want more ideas on affordable engagement rings, I suggest you check out stores like JC Penney, Kohl’s, and even Wal-Mart. I also found that Bluenile has some cool choices, too. You never know what you can find.

And about the emerald ring? Here it is from Bluenile, be sure to check out more of their rings, too:

Also, check out Moissanite Engagement Rings from for more reading.

A New Low In Wedding Blogging – Plagiarism!


I was recently looking for ideas on how to create wedding table signs and came across two articles that looked so similar. After further reading, it struck me that one of the articles had been plagiarized. I’m not just talking about paraphrasing here, although there was a significant bit of “stealing.”

The blogger took the opportunity to blatantly copy the photos and deliberately tamper with the watermark! And I thought stealing a photo was bad enough, but to mess around with someone else’s watermark??? This isn’t just copyright infringement because the watermark is that of a registered trademark with the USPTO, so you’ve got trademark infringement as well. How low can one go with their ethics! This reminds of the time when that Chinese web portal called Goojje was in hot water with Google. It’s just as bad here. No photo credit or link love given at all!

See examples here:

Original page by

Plagiarized page by

Altered and stolen photo (notice how the watermarks were altered by covering them up!) On a side note, this is only 1 out of 6 posts that were copied by this blogger.

But what also surprised me is that on her other posts, she would give credit and “behave” properly by citing her source. You could say that this blogger made a conscious effort that small site or blogs who originate their content don’t deserve the kind of attention and respect as the so-called big guys (e.g., Martha Stewart).

See example here:

So, just what is this post all about anyways. The point is that if an entity like Events-ualities who is supposedly a wedding planner can swipe content off of another site, then what does that say about their business ethics as a whole. Would you sign up with this company to plan your special day?

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Wedding dresses under $500 from J Crew


Is it possible to buy a wedding gown under $500? These days you’d be surprised that J Crew has several nice ones. I love these three dresses simply because you can wear them more than once. And how’s that for utility!

Halter style – it’s now $250!  Imagine yourself in this classic style ala Greta Garbo.

Long chiffon dress – it’s $325.

Silk goddess gown – not bad at $450! So elegant in a pretty shade of ivory.

And if you want to view all of their gowns, check them out!

Should you wear a tux or a suit?


I came across this interesting piece about choosing a tux or suit for your wedding day. For anyone who is fashion-inept, this is a good read! Keep in mind that selecting the right outfit all depends on what makes you look good and not what you want to look good in. Believe me. I’ve seen some guys who absolutely should not wear a tux with coattails because they are simply too short. Alternatively, I’ve seen some guys whose pants are too short for them!

Read the full article, Choosing a Tuxedo or Suit for Your Wedding Day.

The Size of your Wedding Entourage


The wedding entourage, also known as the wedding party, is one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding considering that they often consist of your closest family and friends. She could your high school best friend who is now your maid of honor, or your little sister who is now your flower girl. But, what if you can’t afford to have a group of 7 bridesmaids, two flowergirls, including a maid of honor? It would be rather sad now, wouldn’t it? Well, at least, nowdays times are changing and so are the sizes of the wedding entourage.

My belief is that it is now more acceptable to have a small bridal party with just 2-3 bridesmaids sans the flower girl. Plus, if you are considering the cost of having to pay for their dresses, things can add up unless they are willing to shoulder the cost of their dresses, which is so tactless. I mean, it would be sorely bad to make them pay for their outfits considering that you chose them! So, if you ask me, if you want to save money, just have one maid of honor and a bestman at the wedding.

In this way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of a large bridal party. I know! This isn’t for everyone, but times are tough right now and for some, this is an option.

Laid off while planning a wedding?


When you think about life, a lot of things can hit you when you least expect it. To make a long story short, just like millions of Americans out there, I was hit with a layoff. However, I’m back in business now!

After this stressful experience, the one topic that I’d like to talk about is what do you when you are laid off while planning a wedding? I mean planning a wedding itself is a stressful endeavor, so when one of you or heaven forbid, both of you are laid off, what do you do to cope? Many people will probably manage it differently, however, the best advice I can offer is the following:

1) Have a realistic measure of your goals (short-term) while planning the wedding. This is the best thing you can do.

2) Determine if you need to cut back on any unnecessary expenses. For example, you can forego a honeymoon in the short-term. Then when you get back on your feet, plan a special one that you can really enjoy!

3) Form a support group. I don’t care if your support group consists of just you and your dog! Just make one. You can even blog about the experience and make some extra pennies along the way by setting up an ad-revenue generating blog.

4) Don’t lash out. Take time to relax! It’s hard when your ego just got bruised, but be careful not to take it out on your fiancé. Be sure to communicate and talk about how you feel.

5) Plan your time well. If you are balancing a job search, while planning the wedding, set aside a reasonable time for searching.

6) Network! I mean network properly, of course. Take time to reach out to people who can help you with leads.

7) Stay positive and things will work out. You can be negative, but you can also be positive about things. Apply this to your wedding planning as well. If you are mad at the cake maker for using the wrong flavor or design, stir it to your advantage. Find a way to negotiate. Maybe a discount?

8..) Postpone? Ask yourself if the wedding can be put on hold first. If it’s possible, then talk it over and come up with a new date. There is nothing worse than having a feeling of void at this time.

9) Stay well. Stay fit.

10) Manage the wedding planning as if it’s a project that you can learn from. It takes a certain amount of project management skills to pull off a wedding, so use the experience as a way of gaining new skills! Who knows, you may even end up becoming a wedding planner.