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3 Ways to Slash Those Wedding Costs


Having a small wedding which includes a small budget, too? Here is how:

1) Invitations – do them yourself which includes items such as the save the dates and escort cards. There are many diy kits available including templates that allow you to print from home.

2) Cake – you can still have a 3-tier cake but let it consist of 2 layers of cupcakes or even donuts then have one large sheet cake at the top.

3) The Venue – many people have the ceremony and reception in the same place. This may be your church which has a reception hall. Save big in this area by combining them.


Lena’s Finds for the Week


Okay, let’s face it. Things are not cheap nowadays, but you still have to find stuff online in order to plan a wedding. So, here are my fav finds:

1) I stumbled upon the Walmart site lately and noticed that they’ve been selling a variety of wedding supplies typically seen at many popular wedding sites. For instance, this “Personalized Single Initial Heart Cake Topper” is only selling for $24.98 compared with spending a lot on expensive toppers, this one isn’t bad at all.

2) Oriental Trading is another super-cheap site where you actually many popular wedding supplies such as those flip flop candles. Here, they are selling for $7.99/dozen. Not bad!

3) Go get a wrap! Packaging that is easy and you won’t be ashamed to use them. Bellenza carries these wraps that I saw from a slideshow on packaging a caramel apple.

Candidate Weddings


I’m still trying to understand what “ethereal elegance” actually means, but it was used to describe one of the dresses displayed on the Knot’s website. What actually caught my attention on this page featuring fall gown ideas was the add on the top that said ““? Huh, yes, I did wonder about the same thing. When you click on the link, you will see that it is about the weddings of all the current candidates running for 2008’s election. So, who do you check out? try these:

Ron Paul

Hilary Clinton

Dennis Kucinich

Etsy for Wedding Finds


When I look for unique wedding things, I love looking at places such as etsy. Many of the items listed for weddings include things such as invitations, bridal accessories, and little favors. It’s also a fun place to look for jewelry!

A couple of noteworthy places to check out:

Clay Pots Pottery – makes wedding platters

Bellenza – makes handmade bridal accessories and favors

Memory is Art – makes beautiful handmade guestbooks, cards, and journals