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Sale for Invitations at Traylor Papers


Okay! It’s “sale watching” time and I found that Traylor Papers is having an invitation sale. I think this engagement ring in a box is just so cute to pass up!



More DIY ideas for wedding invitations on the web


Since I have already started on the DIY path, I thought why not find more diy invitation ideas for cutting your wedding budget. Of course, nothing beats a beautiful letterpress or thermography invitation, but these ideas below are worth a look if you are planning a wedding with a very tight budget. DIY kits are also cool, but some can be a bit tacky, so be careful when searching. You know what I mean? Some places to check out:

Paper Source DIY Invitations

Boxed Invitation Idea from Anna Griffin on DIYnetwork

 Crane’s DIY Wedding Program Kits

DIY Ideas for Wedding Invitations


If you are having a small wedding (like 30-40 people), making your wedding invitations might be a viable idea especially if you are crafty. For a budget wedding, this is also great when managing costs. I’ve found some really cool sites that offer diy invitation ideas:

DIY Invitation Idea from

DIY Wedding Invitations from Invitesite – How it works

Handmade Invitations from

A tip for your wedding invitations


If only inviting one’s wedding guests meant a simple email with an RSVP date, but it ain’t, so it’s a good idea to begin the long task of selecting your invitations by knowing first WHAT you don’t want it in your invites. You should really start by knowing what you don’t want because it will narrow down your choices to what you truly want. If you will not be using a wedding theme, then select invitations that fit your personality and taste. In this way, you are giving something that you truly want.