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Should you wear a tux or a suit?


I came across this interesting piece about choosing a tux or suit for your wedding day. For anyone who is fashion-inept, this is a good read! Keep in mind that selecting the right outfit all depends on what makes you look good and not what you want to look good in. Believe me. I’ve seen some guys who absolutely should not wear a tux with coattails because they are simply too short. Alternatively, I’ve seen some guys whose pants are too short for them!

Read the full article, Choosing a Tuxedo or Suit for Your Wedding Day.


St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Fashion Tip


This year, St. Patrick’s Day will be falling on March 17. To get inspired with this theme, you don’t have to go all out and look like a leprechaun for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Choose a light shade of emerald or pistachio and contrast this with a color such as a pink or orange. As for your groomsmen, if they are wearing tuxedos then each one can have a nice emerald bowtie.

To buy or rent a tux


When deciding on whether to purchase a new tuxedo or rent one, the important thing to consider is if you plan to use the tuxedo once, or do you anticipate wearing it on more than one occasion. High-quality tuxedos can be costly, but the style and durability of the garment will be worth the investment. If you do decide to rent one, be sure to go to reputable places that can recommend a tuxedo based on your budget, how well it fits you, and also provide you with a discount if you will be renting from them as a group such as your groomsmen.