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DIY Wedding Bouquets – SImple!



This is one of the nicest and simplest ones, which features lovely gerberas! Try this out and you will see what I mean. Visit the page.


DIY Time for Wedding Bouquets


Undeniably, a wedding bouquet can certainly be expensive, so why not make one? From what I am seeing, making a bouquet doesn’t have to be hard at all. All it takes are some basic materials to start off with such as ribbons, pins, rubber bands, and a cutter. Try out these ideas and have fun. I just love this simple bouquet idea via Create Comforts:


Here are some other great sites which have some easy to do ideas:

Creating your own wedding bouquet


For a wedding on a very slim budget, creating your own bouquet isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, this video I found through makes some very good tips on crafting your own bouquet.

This article from titled “Make Your Own Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets” is also very good.

If you want to get some decorations for your bouquet, a nice way to embellish it is by wrapping it with some jewelry, a pretty fabric, or even a rosary for a Catholic wedding ceremony.

Fall Wedding Colors – Try Something Different


It’s already August and I can’t believe Fall will soon be here quite literally. When you think of a autumn wedding, people usually associate it with the colors brown and orange. But, there are a lot of other colors that are equally attractive and vibrant. My favorites are fuchsia and red. While the other color I am talking about is olive. We just don’t see enough of these colors around as popular wedding palettes. Think of a fuchsia daisy bouquet or an olive green sash on a white silk bridesmaid’s gown. Beautiful, I say. For your guests, you can give pretty wrapped caramel apples in organza as some elegant fall wedding favors. Cool and surely to be eaten!

Flowers for your wedding – how to get going


Don’t know what flowers to pick for your wedding? Take a walk in a park or botanical garden and use this as an opportunity to find something inspirational. The colors of the flowers you see will usually give you a good idea of what might be great for your wedding. If you live in a biy city like NY, then spend a day at the New York Botanical Garden. Come from a small college town, then head out to your college parks, museum gardens, or nurseries in your area.