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So you want to DIY your candy buffet at the wedding?


So you want to DIY your candy buffet at the wedding?

Do remember the following when doing this:

  1. buy the candy from a bulk discount place
  2. be creative with your containers; apothecary jars aren’t the only ones to use. try large cans from coffee that are relabeled and wrapped.
  3. match the candy to your theme’s color palette

A Great Way to Save on Candy


I’m back!

Now that Easter is almost right around the corner, it’s time to get candy! From my trip to the Target store, I have a feeling that candy will be on sale soon. And for those brides looking to save on candy like robin’s egg chocolates, chocolate bunnies, and M&Ms in pastels, be on the look out for these sales! I think they start going on sale as early as Sunday itself. Here are some other places where I think sales will be going on: CVS, RiteAid, and even try the 99 cent stores.

Halloween candy for your wedding


October is here – it’s the month right before Halloween! But more importantly, it is a perfect time to load up on candies. Many retailers such as Walmart and Target carry dozen of discounted candies – many of which are specially packaged in Halloween colors, but also in Fall colors. So, if you’re having a wedding at this time of the year, then load up on candy! It’s fun. You can even try places such as CVS for comparing prices.

If you’re looking for some cool bags for your candy, check out these favor containers.

Fall Wedding Colors – Try Something Different


It’s already August and I can’t believe Fall will soon be here quite literally. When you think of a autumn wedding, people usually associate it with the colors brown and orange. But, there are a lot of other colors that are equally attractive and vibrant. My favorites are fuchsia and red. While the other color I am talking about is olive. We just don’t see enough of these colors around as popular wedding palettes. Think of a fuchsia daisy bouquet or an olive green sash on a white silk bridesmaid’s gown. Beautiful, I say. For your guests, you can give pretty wrapped caramel apples in organza as some elegant fall wedding favors. Cool and surely to be eaten!

Shop at Target for Wedding Favor Supplies


We all need supplies at some point when it comes to planning a wedding party. Target has recently added a whole line of wedding favor supplies. Those tiffany blue aqua boxes, wedding dress boxes, and those ribboned favor boxes with the snap are all there now. What’s the catch? These items are not available at their stores – online only. Well, it’s pretty much the same as those you find at suppliers like,, or

tiffany blue aqua boxes $17.99 set of 12

wedding dress boxes $13.99 for 24

ribboned favor boxes $23.99

How to Get all Wrapped Up in Favors


What’s fast and easy to do? Doesn’t require much fuss and entirely practical? I found that fabric circles also known as favor wraps, circles, or rounds are suitable for wrapping wedding candy of all sorts. If you can think, you can basically wrap it. When finding these on the web, you should start by looking these wraps in fabrics such as tulle or organza. Check these two sites out for some examples:

Organza Favor Wraps

Using Tulle as a Wrap