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Make your own wedding cake


At a cost of $10 to even $20 per slice of cake, you gotta be kidding! I found this video on which shows you how to make your own wedding cake. You may need a friend or two to help you, but it’s worth it! Good luck!

video of wedding cake diy


Dare to make your own wedding cake


As we continue through this economic slump, I say make your own wedding cake, if you dare! Here is a great set of links to help:

from – How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake: Part One – a series

from Southern Living – Make Your Own Wedding Cake


Wilton How to Make Wedding Cakes

Baking Your Own Wedding Cake – this is interesting!

BUT, before you venture out and get that spatula, you may want to read this post called “Why You Should Not Make Your Own Wedding Cake”!

Icing On The Cake – the 411


When looking for a wedding cake, brides usually focus on one thing, which is usually on the actual design of the cake. However, I think at many times, we don’t actually know what we’re buying considering the many different types of icing. In fact, sometimes, choosing fondant because it looks good might not always be budget-friendly but people choose it anyways. If you want to be smart about picking something that looks very similar to fondant yet still friendly to that budget, then check out this list of icing types from Wilton. Go here.

Fondant vs buttercream


The look of fondant on a wedding cake is supremely gorgeous, but also quite expensive. I learned from this really cool article that you can still get fondant, but with a layer of buttercream on the cake, so you can still get the best of both worlds. It is also important to book with a cake maker who understands not only what icing to use, but can offer you advice on what works best with your budget yet still making you a cake that is special. For design inspiration, head off to the Knot’s cake gallery.

How to Cut the Cost of your Wedding Cake


The average wedding cake can run up into at least $800 nowadays. To cut your costs by more than half, it is not uncommon for brides to opt for alternatives such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, and donuts as a wedding cake idea. For cupcakes, you can get the help of your closest friends and relatives and have a cupcake-baking marathon. You can choose the flavor you want and then have the cupcakes decorated with your initials or just simply sprinkled with some sugar confetti, or topped with a simple sugar flower. When displaying them at the wedding, you can rent a cake stand or just simply lay them out in a pretty fashion interspersed with flowers or petals.

Visit Cupcake Takes the Cake for ideas.