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A New Low In Wedding Blogging – Plagiarism!


I was recently looking for ideas on how to create wedding table signs and came across two articles that looked so similar. After further reading, it struck me that one of the articles had been plagiarized. I’m not just talking about paraphrasing here, although there was a significant bit of “stealing.”

The blogger took the opportunity to blatantly copy the photos and deliberately tamper with the watermark! And I thought stealing a photo was bad enough, but to mess around with someone else’s watermark??? This isn’t just copyright infringement because the watermark is that of a registered trademark with the USPTO, so you’ve got trademark infringement as well. How low can one go with their ethics! This reminds of the time when that Chinese web portal called Goojje was in hot water with Google. It’s just as bad here. No photo credit or link love given at all!

See examples here:

Original page by

Plagiarized page by

Altered and stolen photo (notice how the watermarks were altered by covering them up!) On a side note, this is only 1 out of 6 posts that were copied by this blogger.

But what also surprised me is that on her other posts, she would give credit and “behave” properly by citing her source. You could say that this blogger made a conscious effort that small site or blogs who originate their content don’t deserve the kind of attention and respect as the so-called big guys (e.g., Martha Stewart).

See example here:

So, just what is this post all about anyways. The point is that if an entity like Events-ualities who is supposedly a wedding planner can swipe content off of another site, then what does that say about their business ethics as a whole. Would you sign up with this company to plan your special day?

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