Should you wear a tux or a suit?


I came across this interesting piece about choosing a tux or suit for your wedding day. For anyone who is fashion-inept, this is a good read! Keep in mind that selecting the right outfit all depends on what makes you look good and not what you want to look good in. Believe me. I’ve seen some guys who absolutely should not wear a tux with coattails because they are simply too short. Alternatively, I’ve seen some guys whose pants are too short for them!

Read the full article, Choosing a Tuxedo or Suit for Your Wedding Day.


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  1. I think that’s a very practical article! Some styles simply don’t suit certain men. The same applies to women as well. When a dress may look good on a tall, thin model, it may not look good on a petite bride at all. So, finding the right dress that will flatter your body type is always the way to go.


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