The Size of your Wedding Entourage


The wedding entourage, also known as the wedding party, is one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding considering that they often consist of your closest family and friends. She could your high school best friend who is now your maid of honor, or your little sister who is now your flower girl. But, what if you can’t afford to have a group of 7 bridesmaids, two flowergirls, including a maid of honor? It would be rather sad now, wouldn’t it? Well, at least, nowdays times are changing and so are the sizes of the wedding entourage.

My belief is that it is now more acceptable to have a small bridal party with just 2-3 bridesmaids sans the flower girl. Plus, if you are considering the cost of having to pay for their dresses, things can add up unless they are willing to shoulder the cost of their dresses, which is so tactless. I mean, it would be sorely bad to make them pay for their outfits considering that you chose them! So, if you ask me, if you want to save money, just have one maid of honor and a bestman at the wedding.

In this way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of a large bridal party. I know! This isn’t for everyone, but times are tough right now and for some, this is an option.


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  1. As long as it included the special people around you I believe it doesn’t matter how big entourage is. Although the size has a connection to the budget to consider but…nah just let it be. 🙂

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