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Dare to make your own wedding cake


As we continue through this economic slump, I say make your own wedding cake, if you dare! Here is a great set of links to help:

from – How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake: Part One – a series

from Southern Living – Make Your Own Wedding Cake


Wilton How to Make Wedding Cakes

Baking Your Own Wedding Cake – this is interesting!

BUT, before you venture out and get that spatula, you may want to read this post called “Why You Should Not Make Your Own Wedding Cake”!


DIY Time for Wedding Bouquets


Undeniably, a wedding bouquet can certainly be expensive, so why not make one? From what I am seeing, making a bouquet doesn’t have to be hard at all. All it takes are some basic materials to start off with such as ribbons, pins, rubber bands, and a cutter. Try out these ideas and have fun. I just love this simple bouquet idea via Create Comforts:


Here are some other great sites which have some easy to do ideas: