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Cocktail Dresses as Bridesmaid Attire


I was thinking the other day about how there are so many beautiful cocktail dresses out there and it totally made sense to me that they can make wonderful bridesmaid attire. For the most part, many of these dresses are available at a much cheaper price and you can wear it over and over again. I found this great article that talks about dresses for less $100. Practical, I say. Here is the link:

Moreover, many retailers are now offering great discounts, since times are bad and Christmas is just around the corner. So, you should be able to find some good deals out there.


3 Ways to Slash Those Wedding Costs


Having a small wedding which includes a small budget, too? Here is how:

1) Invitations – do them yourself which includes items such as the save the dates and escort cards. There are many diy kits available including templates that allow you to print from home.

2) Cake – you can still have a 3-tier cake but let it consist of 2 layers of cupcakes or even donuts then have one large sheet cake at the top.

3) The Venue – many people have the ceremony and reception in the same place. This may be your church which has a reception hall. Save big in this area by combining them.

Wedding Chairs


I’m back! You can get a little creative with making the wedding chairs look pretty! At the ceremony, have them decorated with flowers and ribbons. You don’t need a lot of them for the chairs to look nice. Check this out via A Grade Events in Australia: