Monthly Archives: July 2008

Easy Wedding Bubbles


Wedding bubbles! Why would anyone want to buy them if you can make them at home? A random search on the web yields them at about $3.00 per bottle. I don’t think I want to spend that much on something that a even 5 year old can make. So, how do make your own bubbles? Here are some great projects:

How To Blow Bubbles from

Make Your Own Bubble Mixture

Homemade Bubbles – How to Make Your Own Bubbles

All you have to worry about is finding some bottles at a craft store and spicing it up with an attractive ribbon or label. They’re great when used during the post-ceremony send off.


Lena’s Finds for the Week


Okay, let’s face it. Things are not cheap nowadays, but you still have to find stuff online in order to plan a wedding. So, here are my fav finds:

1) I stumbled upon the Walmart site lately and noticed that they’ve been selling a variety of wedding supplies typically seen at many popular wedding sites. For instance, this “Personalized Single Initial Heart Cake Topper” is only selling for $24.98 compared with spending a lot on expensive toppers, this one isn’t bad at all.

2) Oriental Trading is another super-cheap site where you actually many popular wedding supplies such as those flip flop candles. Here, they are selling for $7.99/dozen. Not bad!

3) Go get a wrap! Packaging that is easy and you won’t be ashamed to use them. Bellenza carries these wraps that I saw from a slideshow on packaging a caramel apple.

An Ikea Bridal Shower?


Let’s admit it now. We all love to shop at Ikea! I had the wildest idea yesterday about having a bridal shower using many of the food items available through Ikea’s food store. You can buy their famous Swedish meatballs with Lingonberry, get their delicious pastries, and even serve up some of their sparkling juices. Very reasonably priced, too. Lena loves this!

Another Great Way to Save this Summer


While we are almost half way through summer, I noticed that Red Envelope is having another sale. It’s also a great time to start buying those gifts for a fall wedding as retailers close out many of their summer items. And with gas being so expensive nowadays, buying online isn’t so bad considering how much of a hassle it can be to find something affordable and still look classy. Another option altogether, of course, would be to make something special like a gift basket, which can be a lot of fun to assemble. You can find items that both the bride and groom love and collect them in a basket. Look at diy books for decorating baskets when thinking of a lovely way to present this at the wedding. This also give you something to do this summer.