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Buying a plus-size wedding gown


Check out Dahlia’s funny writeup about buying wedding gowns. You may also want to look for plus-size wedding gown buying tips from iVillage. If you are wearing a gown that is anything beyond a size 10, it can be quite challenging to find the right dress that can still look flatteirng and beautiful to wear. Anyways, I love this article from iVillage as it provides some simple ways of buying a gown that wasn’t made for a pea. In my opinion, the hardest part about buying a plus-size gown is that the styles you find are often strapless and off the shoulder. For this reason, I think you can still wear these types of gowns without feeling too self-conscious about your shoulders by putting a pretty wrap or wedding shawl. You can also find a capelet or bolero jacket. A fake fur or crocheted stole is also a nice accessory to use.