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Creating your own wedding bouquet


For a wedding on a very slim budget, creating your own bouquet isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, this video I found through makes some very good tips on crafting your own bouquet.

This article from titled “Make Your Own Wedding Flower Arrangements and Bouquets” is also very good.

If you want to get some decorations for your bouquet, a nice way to embellish it is by wrapping it with some jewelry, a pretty fabric, or even a rosary for a Catholic wedding ceremony.


DIY Ideas for Wedding Invitations


If you are having a small wedding (like 30-40 people), making your wedding invitations might be a viable idea especially if you are crafty. For a budget wedding, this is also great when managing costs. I’ve found some really cool sites that offer diy invitation ideas:

DIY Invitation Idea from

DIY Wedding Invitations from Invitesite – How it works

Handmade Invitations from

Trashing your dress


I read about “trashing your dress” via Dahlia’s blog. This is my take on it as some brides look at it as a liberating moment from all the stresses of wedding planning. You can look at it this way, but you can also look at it as a form of extreme wedding photographer. A pitch that has made its way as a new way to showcase and archive one’s wedding memories. Since each bride has the right to do whatever they want with their gown, it does look like a complete waste considering how much time and money it can take to buy a nice gown. When money is tight on a budget, it becomes even more painful to see a bride just ruin her dress by getting it wet or dirty. You can apply the same thought to burning your bouquet, or throwing pieces of your wedding cake at each other (i.e., food fight). It’s all a personal thing. Some people don’t like it because a gown is sacred, while others see it as it’s my dress and I’ll do anything I want with it. For me, if I want to document my wedding day, I wouldn’t want to ruin my dress simply because there might be a chance one day that I’d want to sell it on eBay, or keep it as an heirloom for my daughter (i.e., future).

Fall Wedding Colors – Try Something Different


It’s already August and I can’t believe Fall will soon be here quite literally. When you think of a autumn wedding, people usually associate it with the colors brown and orange. But, there are a lot of other colors that are equally attractive and vibrant. My favorites are fuchsia and red. While the other color I am talking about is olive. We just don’t see enough of these colors around as popular wedding palettes. Think of a fuchsia daisy bouquet or an olive green sash on a white silk bridesmaid’s gown. Beautiful, I say. For your guests, you can give pretty wrapped caramel apples in organza as some elegant fall wedding favors. Cool and surely to be eaten!