Monthly Archives: June 2007

Where to go for wedding ideas?


Where can you find wedding ideas nowadays? I ask myself this question because it really is a hard question to answer. I found a couple of sites that have some helpful ideas for brides:


Favor Ideas

Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Bistro at Bellenza


Shop at Target for Wedding Favor Supplies


We all need supplies at some point when it comes to planning a wedding party. Target has recently added a whole line of wedding favor supplies. Those tiffany blue aqua boxes, wedding dress boxes, and those ribboned favor boxes with the snap are all there now. What’s the catch? These items are not available at their stores – online only. Well, it’s pretty much the same as those you find at suppliers like,, or

tiffany blue aqua boxes $17.99 set of 12

wedding dress boxes $13.99 for 24

ribboned favor boxes $23.99

Some Relaxation for The Bride


Relaxing is just as important as planning. So, if you’re the Maid of Honor. Get your bride some much needed r & r. Start off with a Friday night – video night. Rent some fun wedding movies just to get some humor in the picture. Movies such as Wedding Crashers, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are my favorites. On Saturday, take the bride out for a spa treatment. By afternoon, head out for a relaxing concert or play. Then on Sunday, head out for a yummy brunch or luncheaon at a classy hotel. Sound appealing?