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Wedding Food – Tasting Dates


Anna from Kayla The Pug Wedding Blog provided a great tip for a cheap wedding date. When sampling food from different caterers, the food and sometimes wine tasting sessions are free. The same applies when trying out different wedding cakes. It’s a lot of fun and you can sample free food. ** DO note that they are “usually” free, but some caterers can sometimes charge a tasting fee, so be sure to inquire first before eating. Add that tip to your tip jar!


To buy or rent a tux


When deciding on whether to purchase a new tuxedo or rent one, the important thing to consider is if you plan to use the tuxedo once, or do you anticipate wearing it on more than one occasion. High-quality tuxedos can be costly, but the style and durability of the garment will be worth the investment. If you do decide to rent one, be sure to go to reputable places that can recommend a tuxedo based on your budget, how well it fits you, and also provide you with a discount if you will be renting from them as a group such as your groomsmen.